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A new poetry pamphlet by

Roddy Shippin

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae is the debut pamphlet by Edinburgh poet Roddy Shippin. The collection covers such themes as family relationships, romantic longing, late-capitalist exploitation and snooker. Some of the poems have previously appeared in other publications such as Aiblins: Scottish Political Poetry, Gutter, Poetry Scotland and Magma. 

Roddy Shippin is an enthusiastic and longstanding member of the Scottish poetry and arts community. He co-ran the infamous monthly Edinburgh night Blind Poetics and was one of the contributors to Poets Against Humanity. He was also poetry editor of the Glasgow-based Valve Journal. He has been a BBC Slam sacrificial poet/judge and has been featured at such nights as Rally & Broad, Loud Poets, Shore Poets and Inky fingers alongside some of the UK's finest writers and performers. 


He has also contributed to various other Scottish arts events - helping to organise and run ACTINIC Festival (photography) in 2015 and the Halfcut student film festival in 2009. 


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Awarded "Second place" for the 2018 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award for outstanding poetry pamphlets with Scottish connection on May 10th. 

Administered by the National Library Scotland

Supported by the Michael Marks Charitable Trust

Reading, Pamphlet Release & Signing
Curriculum Vitae Launch
When                                           Where
24, May 20:00 - 22:00                                   Lighthouse Books,
                                                                        43-45 West Nicholson St, 
                                                                       Edinburgh EH8 9BE,

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